What is Bank Extract?
September 8, 2021
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Banks, NBFCs, and financial institutions get a huge inflow of customer applications which is why they use automated bank extraction software to derive key insights from them. Bank statement processing software is used by major organizations to verify client profiles and streamline customer onboarding processes. In this post, we’ll discuss what bank extracts are, how they differ from bank statements, and which industries require them. 

Definition of bank extract

Bank extract refers to data extracted from bank statements and processing them for the purpose of approving bank applications. The meaning of extract is to pull data from documents, structure, and organize information in a way that makes it easy to perform a financial audit or analysis. 

What is a bank statement?

A bank statement is a financial document that contains a summary of transactions occurring during a given month which is sent to the account holder. Bank statements have pages which list account holder names, numbers, transaction IDs, and lists of deposits and withdrawals. By analyzing a bank statement, a lender can assess the financial standing of an individual, verify income sources, and perform cash flow analysis for assessing creditworthiness. Bank statement data extraction software is used by financial institutions to process these statements and record them in systems in electronic formats..

How bank extract is used

Bank extracts are processed by organizations for verifying address, identity, and the creditworthiness of individuals. These extracts map out cash flows to and from accounts which is what makes them valuable for determining an individual’s financial standing. Organizations use bank extracts to assess their total assets, identity liabilities, and list out deductions. 

Bank extracts are used by the following industries:

1. Healthcare

Patients who opt for loans or borrow money to fund their medical treatments or pay pharmacy bills have to furnish their bank statements to get financial aid. This also applies to those who are applying for insurance policies such as medical insurance and disability/accident/life insurances.

2. Real estate

Property owners and individuals who are planning to buy land for the purpose of commercial residence or agriculture need to provide bank extracts in order to get their applications approved. Bank extracts are used as proof of address/identity when it comes to buying, selling, renting, and leasing real estate properties.

3. Mortgages and Loans

Individuals who approach banks and NBFCs for loans such as home loans and mortgages need to furnish bank extracts to get their creditworthiness verified. Banks often pull these extracts from customer data and CIBIL databases to get the information they need to assess credit profiles and customers’ repayment capacity.


Automated data extraction software enables banks to record and assess the transactions occurring in customer accounts over a given period of time. Bank extracts contain elements which are needed by organizations for performing credit profile analysis of consumers. Processing huge volumes of customer data is a challenging task that is prone to a high error margin with manual data entry and this is where automated bank statement data extraction technology truly shines. By using automation solutions, companies can flag fake statements and remove duplicate transactions when accounting.

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What is Bank Extract?
July 15, 2021
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