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How it works?

1. Upload your file

Select or drop the files using the 'Upload File' button. It can be a scanned/non-scanned image or a PDF file. Once uploaded the software would take a few seconds to process the file. After getting processed, move forward to the next step.

2. Edit & Review

Once the document is processed, the software would take you to the review screen. In the review screen, you can see the extracted text at the left panel of your screen. If you find an issue with the extracted data, you can correct and fix it right there.

3. Convert & Download

Download the converted file in JSON/Excel/CSV/TXT format. Right after that, the input file is removed from our server.

How it works?
1. Choose File
Select or drop the files you want to convert.
2. Edit & Review
Review the extracted information in the review panel and make changes if needed.
3. Convert & Download
Download the converted file. Right after that, the input file is removed from our server.
Free Online OCR Scanner

Organizations often receive crucial information and data in image form of documents. These images can be a photo of a document, scanned document, a scene-photo, or subtitle text superimposed on an image. The real challenge for the operation team is to be able to extract information and data from these photos.

It can take hours to manually pull out this data and assemble it in a structured way for record-keeping and processing. This process is hugely error-prone too. OCR technology comes to rescue in this situation. Optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. This technology is suitable for photos of text-heavy documents and printed paper data records such as passports, invoices, bank statements, receipts, business cards, and identity verification documents.

OCR technology is the way of digitizing printed texts so that they can be electronically edited, searched, stored more compactly, displayed on-line, and used in machine processes such as cognitive computing, machine translation, (extracted) text-to-speech, key data and text mining. OCR is still an evolving technology in the field of pattern recognition, artificial intelligence and computer vision. Advanced systems with intelligent OCR technology are capable of producing a high degree of recognition accuracy for most fonts, and with support for a variety of digital image file format inputs. Some systems can reproduce formatted output that closely approximates the original document including images, columns, and other non-textual components as well. Enterprises often receive crucial information in scanned and non-scanned image form. Identity documents, compliance documents, bank statements, invoices, and receipts are a few to name. Most of these are manually processed which takes time and is error-prone. Normal image-viewing applications don’t allow you to extract this unstructured data from images. With Docsumo’s free OCR tool, you can accurately extract data from any image in any layout without manual setup. Our deep learning data extraction technology immensely reduces manual errors and saves an accountant countless hours every month.

With Docsumo’s free OCR tool, extract data accurately from any image or pdf document in any layout without any manual setup. Our deep learning data extraction technology immensely reduces manual errors and saves countless hours every month.
Questions we often hear
Let's look at the answers

Why do I need OCR technology?

Often the operations team receives crucial documents such as, identity verification documents in image form. The team, then, has to go through each data point and input it manually into database. This process is highly error-prone too. OCR technology helps you extract data and crucial information from standard and sub-standard quality images and feed into database without any inaccuracy.

Does this free OCR tool need any training?

The efficiency of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology improves with number of sample documents processed. So, it is highly recommended to have at least couple of sample documents ready for training.

Can I convert my document without installing the software?

Documo's free online OCR tool is capable of processing any document online with complete accuracy. So, there is no need to install the tool on your system.

What fields does it capture?

The tool lets you capture any text based field. The tool allows you to review the extracted data before downloading the output.

Is my data secure with Docsumo?

Docsumo doesn't sell or share your data to any third-party person or organization. Your data is completely secure and confidential.

How does it work technologically?

Docsumo uses self-driving car technology for document data extraction to achieve a very high level of accuracy. It also validates the extracted data, thus eliminating the necessity for human-in-the-loop for most documents. Unlike traditional OCR solutions that work only for fixed layouts (25-30% of total volume), Docsumo works with documents in any layout with 95% plus accuracy. It solves both the data extraction and validation problems.

Is there any limit on using the tool?

No. There's no usage limit on our free tool. No payment required and no credit card details needed. Sign up with us to get access to more of our resources.

Use Cases

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We are using Docsumo’s APIs for automating data capture from bank statements and identity cards while on-boarding customers. It has reduced the time our operations team spends on data entry by manifolds while providing a much better customer experience.”

Prashanth Ranganathan


Since the very beginning everything was fine, they always say “Ask anything even if you need support from our developers. The support for initial user was exceptional, even for small users like me.

Dario G

Operations Manager, Onerz

“Bringing down the invoice processing time from a few hours to less than 5 minutes with 99%accuracy has been a real-game changer for us. With Docsumo, we have been able to automate invoice processing resulting in lower turnaround time and better customer experience.”

Jussi Karjalainen

Founder & Managing Partner, ValtaTech

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