Automate Data Extraction From Invoices

Save time & money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by 95%. Works with invoices in any format without manual setup, auto validates the extracted data and seamlessly integrates with your accounting software.

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The Smarter Way to Process Invoices

Simply upload invoices from your computer & Google Drive or email them to Docsumo. Let our document processing AI do the heaving lifting for you! Docsumo notifies you if a value in any invoice needs to be checked. And thats it, you can either download the results as an excel file or send them directly to your accouting software such as Quickbooks & Xero.

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  • Free Forever

    Upto 50
    Perfect for individuals and small businesses who want to save time on data entry.
  • Business

    Upto 2000
    Perfect for growing businesses looking to automate entire invoice workflow.
  • Enterprise

    More than 2000
    Perfect for enterprises that need to capture specific data points and train on their data.
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The story behind Docsumo

Who are we and why Docsumo?

We are founders and data scientists with deep expertise building neural networks for large coporatons. In our previous startup, we did accounting manually for a long time. We wasted days entering data on Quickbooks & Xero and reconciling bank statement with invoices. We tried different solutions in the market but nothing worked. So we set out to solve the problem ourselves. Docsumo was born out of that desire to free founders, COOs, accountants and purchasing managers from manual data entry. And we are just getting started! Why stop at invoices when you can help people process purchase orders, work orders, delivery notes, applications and contracts.

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