Automate Data Extraction From Documents

Save time & money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by 95%. Works with documents in any format without manual setup, auto validates the extracted data and seamlessly integrates with other software.

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document based processes.

Capture Data from Any Document

Say goodbye to manual data entry & template setup. Docsumo's intelligent OCR automatically extracts data using neural networks & reverse image search.

  • Invoice Processing

    Extract invoice number, date, total, tax, vendor details and line items without the need to setup templates for each vendor. You can push this data directly to your accounting software.

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  • Tax Returns

    CPA firms & tax softwares can reliably capture data from tax forms using Docsumo. Improve accuracy of data capture compared to existing solutions in the market.

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  • Purchase Orders & Delivery Notes

    Improve efficiency of your retail and logistics business by automating data capture from purchase orders & delivery notes.

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  • Bank Statements

    Convert credit card and bank statements to excel or any other format. Docsumo works with multi-page statements to give you downloadable transaction details.

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  • HR Forms & Applications

    Use Docsumo to convert standardized applications, enrollment forms, reports, payroll or any other HR related documents into actionable data.

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  • Contracts & Agreements

    Law firms looking to process standardized contracts & agreements can use Docsumo to capture & index incoming documents.

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The Smarter Way to Process Documents

Upload from computer | Approve Extracted Documents | Integrate API/Download CSV

Quickly & Accurately Extract Data

  • High AccuracyHigh Accuracy

    Get 95% and above accuracy on over 20 data points such as invoice number, date, customer and vendor information, line items and total.

  • High SpeedHigh Speed

    Spend seconds processing an invoice instead of minutes. Almost 10 times faster than any human. Your company and customers will love you.

  • No Manual SetupNo Manual Setup

    No templates or other setup required. Our AI learns from all the invoices it processes and becomes better by the day.

  • Auto ValidationAuto Validation

    Our AI engine performs most of the checks to validate GST/VAT number, line item HSN code, subtotal, tax rate and total.

  • cloud backupCloud Backup

    Docsumo becomes your digital backup for regulatory purposes. This speeds up your audit during crucial year ending period.

  • IntegrationsIntegrations

    You can send invoice data to Quickbooks & Xero in one click or any other software using our API.

What Our Customers Say

Our customers have gained back thousands of hours spent manually entering data by automating their document based workflows with Docsumo.

"With Docsumo we were able to automate invoice processing completely. It has reduced invoice processing time from hours to minutes. Since there is no data entry required, our data extraction accuracy has improved. We highly recommmend Docsumo to everyone. "

Subodh Malgonde