Simplify your logistics processes today

Capture data from thousands of invoices, bill of lading, purchase orders and delivery notes within minutes. No more manual keying of data so that your team can focus on more higher value tasks.

Save up to 2 days reconciling shipments

20 hours a week in manual data entry vs 2 minutes with Docsumo!

Save time your operations team invests in manually processing logistics documents. Bring down hours spent on document processing to a few minutes with Docsumo.

Your toughest processes streamlined

Bill of Lading Data Extraction

Your operations team has to go through thousands of bill of lading in a day. Now automate data extraction from bill of lading with Docsumo APIs.

Extract key value pairs
Extract tables
Categorize line items with product catelog
Validate data with ERP
Bill of Lading Data Extraction
Invoice Data Extraction

Get accurate data from tax invoices without having to write customer specific templates. Our template agnostic AI engine captures data from varying formats and validates it against purchase orders for straight through processing.

Extract data from scans and images
Extract key value pairs & line items
Validate values such as tax rate & amounts
Invoice Data Extraction

Drive measurable results

< 30 sec
Processing Time
Save Time

Process documents in under 2 minutes

Free your operations team from repetitive and redundant tasks, so you can save time and shift the focus of your team towards more strategic initiatives. That means you can react more quickly and customers will love you for it.

Save Costs

Reduce your back office costs

Save up to 50% on document processing and back office costs. Docsumo APIs for document classification, identification of key attributes, and data verification allow you to free your team from routine paperwork and reduce the number of paid hours they previously spent on these tasks. That means you can invest this money on scaling your business.

Cost Reduction
Improve Accuracy

Achieve 99%+ accuracy with human-in-the-loop

With our human-in-the-loop review tool, you can now automate processes that need next to 100% accuracy. Verify data rather than manual keying and increase the accuracy of your downstream processes.

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Process thousands of documents per day

Easy to use
Send data through API or upload it in web app and within seconds your processed output is ready to be downloaded or send it directly to other software.
Data Safety
Your data is encrypted with the highest standards during transfer and storage. With user management, you can easily monitor data access and schedule periodic deletion of sensitive data.
Analytics & Reporting
Create work queues for your operations team and get detailed performance reports. Get weekly and monthly analytics on for your automated workflow.

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