Intelligent Document Processing
End-to-end document automation platform
Delight your customers by seamlessly converting their documents into business decisions in real time.

Fully customisable modular blocks & APIs for workflow automation

Build a customized document capture and data extraction workflow within minutes.


Extract data from any document type: structured, semi-structured or unstructured. Use pre-trained APIs for common document types such as invoices, identity cards, bank statements and forms. Accelerate digital transformation of your shared services team increase throughput of your operations.


Classify documents into their respective document types without having to open individual PDFs or images. Split large documents into their respective types automatically without having to write custom rules. Reduce back and forth with your customers by identifying if they have submitted all documents.


Categorise individual data points and table line items with high precision using NLP. Get derived attributes from captured data for downstream processing. Convert unstructured documents to rich granular data for automated decision making.


Validate captured data against external APIs or company database with ease. Automate entity matching across documents to ensure correct customer information to reduce rework and delays. Detect document fraud such as incorrect meta data, font changes or added layers.


Manage document workflow from a single dashboard. Create review queues and monitor daily performance of your operations team from a single place. Get weekly and monthly performance reports to measure team productivity.

Custom APIs

Train custom models on your documents. Docsumo's machine learning algorithm automatically identify key value pairs and tables from documents for easy setup. Improve accuracy and straight through processing with continuous learning algorithms.

Docsumo vs. Manual
Faster & more accurate way to process documents
You could get buried in documents or you could get real work done with Docsumo

Use Cases

Docsumo captures data from any PDF or scanned document by using intelligent OCR and artificial intelligence. Automate document workflow by seemlessly integrating Docsumo in your processes.

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Now you can focus on your building and scaling your business while we automate your process end-to-end. Save time, cost and achieve 98%+ accuracy in one go.

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Easy integrations to fit into your current workflow

Integrate Docsumo

No platform exists in a vacuum. That is why the Docsumo is built to integrate with your other software. Using plug-in APIs and out-of-the-box input and output connectors, the platform is easily integrated into any workflow.

Entreprise-grade data protection

Security at Docsumo

We are GDPR compliant and follow OWASP practices. All requests transferred over HTTPS only and data transfer is encrypted with AES 256. Data stored on S3 & Mongo dB is encrypted. You can chose to delete the data from our servers immediately or periodically after processing documents. With advanced user management, you can monitor who in your organization has access to what data.

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