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    Perfect for enterprises that need to capture specific data points and train on their data.
Questions we hear often

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  • Docsumo Help

    What is Docsumo?

    Docsumo is an automated document processing solution that helps accountants accurately extract data from any document in any layout without manual setup. We are starting with automated invoice processing. USA, Europe & India alone process 67 billion B2B invoices annually. Yet most of these are manually processed which takes time and is error-prone. Docsumo uses deep learning to extract and validate data from invoices. It immensely reduces manual errors and saves an accountant countless hours every month. Our goal is to free up people from manual data entry.

  • Docsumo Help

    What fields does it capture?

    Docsumo captures over 20 fields from an invoice such as total, amount paid, amount due, tax details, invoice id, order id, customer id, vendor name and address, recipient name and address. Our AI is highly customizable and can be trained to capture any other detail as required.

  • Docsumo Help

    Does it capture handwritten invoices?

    No, at this point Docsumo does not work for handwritten invoices. It will capture printed and computer generated text from the invoice but you will have to process rest of the handwritten information manually.

  • Docsumo Help

    Do you provide on premise installation?

    Unfortunately, no. Our technology is evolving rapidly and maintaining on premise installations is really difficult at this point in time. We do though integrate with most other softwares and have excellent security measures in place if that is your concern.

  • Docsumo Help

    Do you provide data review service?

    Yes, please let us know if you would like us to review the extracted data for a small additional fee per document. Our reviewers try to ensure that the extraction is nearly 100% accurate, so that you never have to review the document yourself.

  • Docsumo Help

    How does it work technologically?

    Docsumo uses self-driving car technology for document data extraction to achieve a very high level of accuracy. It also validates the extracted data, thus eliminating the necessity for human-in-the-loop for most documents. Unlike traditional OCR solutions that work only for fixed layouts (25-30% of total volume), Docsumo works with invoices in any layout with 95% plus accuracy. It solves both the data extraction and validation problems.

  • Docsumo Help

    Do you have a mobile app?

    Not yet, we are working on it. We want to make invoice & receipt processing as simple as sending a text message for all stakeholders in the company. That is our ultimate goal. We have limited resources and will be launching our app soon. Please let us know if this is a pressing requirement for you.

  • Docsumo Help

    Do you provide reports?

    Yes, we track most of the actions taken on the system and provide a monthly report detailing the time spent by operators, invoices processed, validations performed, accuracy achieved and various other metrics. Please let us know your requirements.