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Screenshot image/text-block on a web-page and convert into editable text

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How it works?
1. Add to Chrome
Click on ‘add to chrome’ button and add the extension to your browser
2. Take screenshot
Take the screenshot to review and edit the content
3. Share or Copy OCR
Extract, edit, copy, and share data. After that all the related information is removed from our server.
Optical character recognition
Organizations often receive crucial information and data in image form of documents. These images can be a photo of a document, scanned document, a scene-photo, or subtitle text superimposed on an image. The real challenge for the operation team is to be able to extract information and data from these photos. It can take hours to manually pull out this data and assemble it in a structured way for record-keeping and processing. This process is hugely error-prone too.

OCR technology comes to rescue in this situation.

Optical character recognition or optical character reader (OCR) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. This technology is suitable for photos of text-heavy documents and printed paper data records such as passports, invoices, bank statements, receipts, business cards, and identity verification documents. OCR technology is the way of digitizing printed texts so that they can be electronically edited, searched, and stored more compactly.
Questions we often hear
Let's look at the answers

Why do I need to extract data from web-pages?

Often we come across infographics, images, newsletters, or sections of web-pages that we want to copy, save as notes, or share with someone else. To be able to do that, we need a powerful OCR tool that can extract text from images/text-blocks of a website and allows you to edit, copy, and share it.

Does this tool need any training?

No, the OCR chrome extension by Docsumo comes pre-trained and doesn’t need any training.

What fields does it capture?

The extension lets you capture any text based field. It allows you to review the extracted data before copying the output

How many languages does it work with? 

There is no language constraint. You can extract data from any language using Docsumo’s OCR Chrome Extension.

How does Docsumo handle corrections?

Docsumo offers a review tool as part of the solution. Either you can outsource verification of machine output to our team or your internal team can use the review tool. We embed OCR output on the document and provide predictions for key value pairs. This means that the review process required no manual data entry and is a point and click interface.

Use Cases

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We are using Docsumo’s APIs for automating data capture from bank statements and identity cards while on-boarding customers. It has reduced the time our operations team spends on data entry by manifolds while providing a much better customer experience.”

Prashanth Ranganathan

CEO, Paysense.com

Since the very beginning everything was fine, they always say “Ask anything even if you need support from our developers. The support for initial user was exceptional, even for small users like me.

Dario G

Operations Manager, Onerz

“Bringing down the invoice processing time from a few hours to less than 5 minutes with 99%accuracy has been a real-game changer for us. With Docsumo, we have been able to automate invoice processing resulting in lower turnaround time and better customer experience.”

Jussi Karjalainen

Founder & Managing Partner, ValtaTech

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