Automatically Capture Data With Docsumo

Capture data from invoices, W2 forms, bank and credit card statements, forms and contracts without creating templates or manually setting up rules. Just select the data you need to capture once and Docsumo will do the rest.

How Docsumo Works

Docsumo seamlessly integrates into any document based workflow.

1. Import Your Documents

Import documents by uploading PDF or scanned document from computer or forwarding emails from your mailbox.

2. Edit Fields To Be Extracted

Mark the fields that you would like to capture from documents. You only need to do this once for all documents of the same type.

3. Data Extraction In Progress

Docsumo automatically extracts data from documents using AI. It uses one shot learning to capture data exactly how you processed it the first time.

4. Approve Extracted Data

Validate the extracted data and make edits if necessary. Once you are done checking, approve the extracted data.

5. Download CSV or Integrate via API

You can connect Docsumo to any software such as Quickbooks, Tally, Xero or ERP using API or webhooks. Once a document is approved, the API is triggered and data sent to your software.

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Powerful Document Data Extraction Features

Build a customized document capture and data extraction workflow within minutes. Convert PDFs or scanned documents to data without needing technical skills or coding.

  • OCR Scanned Documents

    OCR Scanned Documents

    Our built-in intelligent OCR engine allows you to extract text from scanned documents as well as text based PDF files.

  • Extract Tables

    Extract Tables

    Extract tables from PDF files and scanned documents with our smart table extraction feature.

  • Invoice Processing Presets

    Invoice Processing Presets

    Docsumo comes with presets for processing invoices and extracing header data (invoice ID, date, totals, net, tax amounts) out of the box and without any training.

  • Integrate with API or Webhooks

    Integrate with API or Webhooks

    Docsumo makes it very simple to send extracted data to any other software with APIs & webhooks out of the box.

  • Batch Upload

    Batch Upload

    Simply drag and drop documents from your local disk to upload your files in batches. You can also use our API or cloud integrations to automatically import your documents.

  • Automatic Image Preprocessing

    Automatic Image Preprocessing

    Advanced image preprocessing (deskewing, noise reduction, contrast correction) gives higher data extraction accuracy.

  • Smart Filters

    Smart Filters

    Apply filters for dates, numbers and other regular expressions to extract data in desired format.

  • Automatic Email Parsing

    Automatic Email Parsing

    Auto-forward emails with attachments to a dedicated Docsumo email address. Docsumo captures text data from emails along with attachments.

  • Amazingly Fast Processing

    Amazingly Fast Processing

    It takes less than a minute to import a document, preprocess it, extract all data fields from it and send the data to other apps.

  • Easily Download Data

    Easily Download Data

    Docsumo converts PDF to CSV, Excel, JSON and XML files formats. You can download extracted data for any date range in the format you like.

Why Are We Different

  • No Template

    No Template Setup

  • High Productivity

    High Productivity

  • High Accuracy

    High Accuracy

  • High Accuracy

    Unparalleled UI