Is Docsumo a good alternative to Rossum?
September 10, 2021
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With intelligent OCR technology, Rossum offers highly customized data extraction templates for invoices. Thus, having Rossum in your consideration list of automated data capture solutions is the job well done!

But isn’t it better to have some good alternatives in your consideration list as well?  

That’s why, before you make any decision, let’s talk about one really good alternative and that is Docsumo. 

Is Docsumo an alternative to Rossum?

Rossum easily comes across as a major player in the automation industry capturing millions of invoices a year but where does Docsumo fit in the scenario?

Docsumo Rossum
Deployment Web based, Cloud based SAAS Web based, Cloud based SAAS
Batch Processing
Multiple Learning Mechanism
Multiple Output Formats JSON, Excel, CSV JSON, Excel, CSV
Installation System Integrators not required System Integrators Required
Data Entry Validation
Document Creation
Custom Document Training
Document Auto-classification
Auto assign
Document Archiving

Let’s first discuss that what Docsumo and Rossum have in common:-

1. Data Extraction made easy

Docsumo’s automated invoice capture API smoothly extracts data trapped in semi-structured invoices.

data extraction zona ocr

The API comes loaded with hundreds of parsing rules present, however it can easily be customized for specific layouts within minutes. Similar to Rossum, Docsumo comes with the zone selection tool which makes it easy to train the invoice processing API for additional specific fields. It takes a few seconds and a sample to train the model, and the same parsing rule can be applied to a number of invoices with similar layout.

2. No software installation required

Similar to Rossum, Docsumo is a cloud-based application that means you don’t need to install any software in your system, yet you and your team can access it from anywhere they want. Rossum requires a system integrator to successfully install and integrate the solution in your system, whereas Docsumo spares you from any additional setup.

3. Integrations

Rossum comes with a number of pre-built ERP and Document Management System integrations and can also be customized if requested. Docsumo allows a simple integration with Zapier which lets you extract data from the cloud and process it in a number of ERP and RPA applications.

4. Demo and training

Both Rossum and Docsumo let you get your hands on their invoice processing APIs for trial purposes without having to pay anything. You can use the products and see for yourself if they work for your use case. Docsumo offers free live online training sessions along with documentation similar to Rossum.

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What makes Docsumo better?

To this point, we have been talking about basic features that any document capture tool should have. Now, let’s get a little deeper and see what makes Docsumo different from any other automated data capture solution in the market:-

1. Custom Training

Rossum is a template based OCR system that comes with customized templates for each invoice type. The limitation of this arrangement is that whenever there’s a slightest difference in the fields and layout of the document than the ones the system has been trained for, it cannot process it correctly. Whereas Docsumo allows you to ‘edit’ additional fields and train the system. Once done, the same rule is applied to other documents enabling you to customize document fields to capture.

custom training

edit fields in documents
2. Document Creation

Not only does Docsumo allow you to ‘edit’ and ‘define’ additional fields in a document, it lets you define and create a whole new document. Docsumo API comes with hundreds of parsing rules for different standard documents but you can train the API for a completely new document. 

ocument type creation

In the competitive and fast-moving world of business, purchasing a new trained API for each document type and template will make your process slow and costly. You need the flexibility to extract data from any document type. With Rossum, you miss out on that.

3. Auto document classification

Docsumo comes packed with the auto-classification document API that allows you to upload documents in bulk, classify them under respective categories, and process them. To enable this feature, you need to train the API with at least 20 documents of each type. Once trained, the API lets you upload any kind of documents in bulk and process them in no time.

4. Validation Rule

Docsumo’s API ensures that no data-discrepancies go undetected. To ensure that the API comes loaded with a number of validation rules. The API warns you about the error:-

validation rule

And prevents you from approving the data extracted with an error:-

error message

Not only that the APl lets you validate any specific field on different parameters with your own validation rules. Whenever there is any discrepancy, the red flag is raised and you’re notified about it.

validation rule
5. Multiple Learning Mechanism

One of the many reasons as to why Docsumo is so versatile as compared to others is that Docsumo doesn’t rely on just one learning mechanism. Docsumo not only employs one shot technology but rule based approach and deep learning as well. Different learning mechanisms ensure that Docsumo capture data efficiently and reliably from any document type and layout.

data capture earning mechanisms
6. Process Management

Docsumo is not just a data extraction tool. Our motto is to enable better workflow for enterprises and we stand by it. We make the communication and responsibility-sharing amongst the team easier. For example, documents are auto-classified after uploading.

auto-classification of documents

Once classified, documents are assigned to respective teammates for validation. No need to manually assign the task of verifying before proceeding for payment.

auto-assign documents to team members

Enabling the straight-through processing, you can ensure that all the pre-trained documents are processed as soon as they’re uploaded. This feature is really helpful in batch-processing. If any document is held for manual review, the assigned teammates are notified about it.

7. Analytics

Not only you can manage document processing with Docsumo, you can efficiently analyze the extracted data. Documo lets you apply calculation rules on extracted data sets, derive calculated attributes, and visualize. Not only does Documo make the whole process of document management smoother, it helps you with analyzing the extracted data in order to make better business decisions.

8. Enable document archiving

Docsumo has an upper hand here over Rossum as Docsumo lets you store documents over your cloud into a searchable database making it easier for you to access them whenever needed for compliance purposes and audit.

9. Shareable Link

This feature comes handy while working with a team. A simple yet effective feature of Docsumo is to allow its user to share the link of a reviewed or validated document with another team member. 

shareable link

Finally, why do clients love Docsumo? 

At Docsumo, our motto is to enable better workflow for enterprises. In doing so, we don’t limit ourselves to just data extraction technologies but we try to take a holistic approach to automate everything in your document processing. We are always there to assist you and help find the solutions. Our clients love this about us that we care about their problems and strive to improve the approach towards solving them. 

Schedule a quick free demo today and let’s find out if Docsumo is the right choice!

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Is Docsumo a good alternative to Rossum?
December 8, 2020
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