Is Docsumo a good alternative to Docparser?
September 26, 2021
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Docparser allows you to collect data from multiple sources, capture what is essential for you, and extract and store it in real-time. It will enable seamless and accurate data extraction with smooth ERP integrations. All in all, it appears to be an excellent solution for locating, extracting, and utilizing data to the best of its capabilities.

However, if you seek something that goes beyond parsing and delivers a whole lot of other goodies, then Docsumo is a worthy candidate. But is Docsumo a fitting replacement of Docparser? Here’s an honest review of what we truly believe:

How does Docsumo fare against Docparser?

It is a well-established fact that Docparser is excellent at what it does - parsing documents. However, if you are reading this, it naturally means that you are looking for alternatives for the powerful tool with an equally competitive one. So can one consider Docsumo to be the solution to substitute Docparser? Let’s find out!

Commonalities between Docsumo and Docparser

Naturally, if one has to be comparable to the other, both entities should share some features and functions. In the case of Docsumo and Docparser, some of these are as follows:

1. Tailored parsing rules

You can use Docparser and Docsumo to create custom parsing rules that are specific to your requirements. All one needs to do is define the flow that will train the parsing engine on the type of data one requires and what to do with it.

2. Powerful image processing

Docsumo and Docparser leverage powerful image preprocessing and processing techniques that make data extraction a blazing fast process. They come with built-in OCR engines that can read content, even from scanned data, with extremely high accuracy levels.

3. Trainable APIs

Both Docsumo and Docparser offer AI-powered trainable RESTful APIs that can extract structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data through user-defined parsing rules. The software solutions have comparable features, such as a zone OCR tool that allows them to extract data from specific regions. With enough usage, the model can self-train and apply uniform rules to similar documents.

4. Integrated Solutions

Users can easily implement Docsumo and Docparser to integrate them with their existing business processes. These out-of-the-box solutions can seamlessly plug into every workflow to connect the endpoints. Use these to easily import documents directly, extract data, and send it in real-time.

5. Scope for Automation

Of course, when you have a parsing solution integrated within your business process, it can automatically extract data, carry out analysis, and initiate action on the findings. As such, Docsumo and Docparser act as the perfect ingredient in the recipe for automation.

6. Transparent Pricing

The pricing structure of both solutions is equally competitive and attractive. Those who are still on the fence about picking just one can give each a try with a free demo. As such, your decision would be more specific to your needs and expectations.

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Areas where Docsumo outshines Docparser

Call us biased, but we do believe that Docsumo has that “something extra” to offer. If you don’t believe us, here are some compelling points that might change your mind:

1. Higher customization

While we do have trainable APIs in common with Docparser, our case-specific, pre-trained APIs also allow customers to test the modules and witness their success quickly. You can edit the fields, add them to the system, and establish it as a rule for similar doc types.

2. Real-time data validation
Real Time Data Validation by Docsumo

Data duplication can be quite a problem when you are dealing with extracted data. To combat this issue, we have enabled a real-time data validation service that detects and warns users of repeated entries. Plus, it also prevents you from approving the erroneous data. You can prescribe a defined set of validation rules for each field, and Docsumo will notify you of any violation.

3. Powerful reporting and analytics

In an age when data is currency, merely extracting data is not enough. One needs a solution that can interpret this data and present it in its most usable form. Thus, at Docsumo, we offer more than just structured/semi-structured/unstructured data and serve up all the data cuts and attributes in the form of interactive reports, which could later play a critical role in data-driven decisions.

4. Support for Multiple Document Types

Given that Docsumo aims to be a one-stop solution for all your data processing requirements, we make all attempts to encompass every format of documents and every form of data that businesses may need. We aim to emerge as an integrated platform for end-to-end solutions so that organizations no longer have to rely on multiple vendors.

5. Automatic document classification

Of course, with greater document compatibility and support comes greater responsibility of managing these effortlessly. Fortunately, Docsumo packs in quite a heavy punch with its auto-classification that allows users to bulk upload documents of various kinds and then sort these.

6. Myriad learning techniques

If you were to ask us, the most defining feature of Docsumo rests on the fact that the software learns through several techniques and methodologies. It employs a range of technologies such as one-shot learning, deep learning, and rule-based learning, to name a few. We aim to make Docsumo far more superior than any other solution through a combination of these learning mechanisms.

Can Docsumo be an invaluable alternative to Docparser?

As one can see from above, Docparser may be a well-established favorite, but Docsumo goes above and beyond the basic function of parsing.

Docsumo is your one-stop document processing solution with powerful reporting and analytics. It comes with a highly intuitive UI that makes it easier for anyone and everyone to use. You do not have to be tech-savvy to use Docsumo for its intended use! Basic computer proficiency will fetch you all the answers to the questions you seek.

Apart from all the technical inputs and details, our customer-centric approach has allowed us to create a niche for ourselves. We are highly dedicated to delivering 100% customer satisfaction, which means that we are ready to go out of our way to meet your requirements!

Are you still feeling curious? Schedule a demo with Docsumo and give it a try!

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Pankaj Tripathi
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Is Docsumo a good alternative to Docparser?
February 8, 2021
5 min
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