How does Docsumo stack up Against as an Alternative Choice
September 26, 2021
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INDUSTRY-INSIGHTS is an AI-powered automated underwriting platform that offers plug-n-play cloud software tools, which lets deal makers execute deal costs and transaction due-diligence at crazy speeds. 

Considering the features offered by, it is the most beneficial for commercial real estate brokers and lenders. CRE investors and property managers find extremely beneficial in streamlining the functioning of CRE investment and mortgage servicing.

While is an imperative tool for hundreds of property investors and managers, Docsumo is also a preferred choice for others. Docsumo enables your operations team to extract data from any document without manual setup, regardless of its layout, with unparalleled precision.

Perks offered by 

Here are some features offered by that make it a leading player in the US CRE automation market and rich in terms of the document types they have to offer -

1. Automated underwriting

Automated underwriting enables Commercial Real Estate Brokers, CRE investors, and lenders to determine projected cash flow data within minutes. This feature helps them evaluate the financial risk and potential returns of a property.

By utilizing an automated underwriting software platform from, you save plenty of time and expenses on your underwriting and sign real estate deals significantly faster.

2. Mortgage servicing

The mortgage servicing process requires underwriters to go through all pertinent documentation, obtain personal and business financial statements, rent rolls, operating statements, and credit reports to establish loan worthiness.

CRE automated underwriting can help obtain approval results quicker as it mitigates errors, accelerates the approval process, and alleviates loan servicing costs.

3. Services hub

Clubbing together different services for commercial real estate requires subscription fees, purchasing software programs, and understanding the operations of several platforms, all of which is a complicated process.

The CRE Services Hub by is simple to use and understand that lets you quickly upload your documents in no time.

4. Seamless upload of documents lets you upload multiple financial documents such as TTM, Rent Roll, or OS in any format. You can easily drag and drop documents to begin uploading, all of which get stored in your personal and secured data storage.

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Docsumo - A worthy alternative to

Without taking much of your time, let’s discuss why you should consider Docsumo as an alternative to

1. Docsumo is one-stop-shop solution

Docsumo provides the ability to train several document types. Customers demand a unified solution rather than having to deal with 3-4 different vendors for different use cases. 

Data extraction from multiple document types with Docsumo

With Docsumo, you can automate lease abstraction, offering memorandum, trailing twelve months statements, operating statement, and rent rolls processing. Don’t worry if you find any document type missing from the list, it only takes minutes to train our API for a completely new document type.

2. Our support is incredible

The customer support provided by Docsumo is top-notch and always swift to resolve any complaints. Regardless of the gravity of an issue, consumer care is always available to solve queries and help the client resolve their dispute end-to-end.

3. Pre-Trained APIs
Docsumo API screenshot

The case-specific pre-trained API provided by Docsumo helps clients test the accuracy of the data extraction model before they install it in their system. This gesture enables customers to test their model and record its success rate. 

Why Docsumo is a better choice

Docsumo has plenty of great features to offer such as Custom Training, Auto classification, and Auto-assign, besides providing a better intuitive UI. 

Custom Training lets you train the system for a wholly new document type.Let’s dicsuss others one by one:-

1. Document auto-classification

Docsumo comes with the document auto-classification API that lets you upload documents in bulk, categorize them under respective classes, and process them.

:Auto-classification of any document type

You must train the API with at least 20 documents of each type to enable this feature. Once trained, the API lets you upload any class of documents in bulk and process them swiftly.

2. Redefining UI

The interactive UI offered by Docsumo places it a rank or two above It hardly takes any effort or time to transfer from any data extraction software to Docsumo.

We have meticulously produced documentation on our usage and run a YouTube channel to help customers use their products. You can even schedule a demo call with us to navigate through our interface and harness every feature.

3. Pricing

The pricing offered by Docsumo varies depending on the number of documents that a company processes; however, our prices have an upper edge in the industry. We offer similar qualities as our competitors, along with other sets of features and an unparalleled UI, both of which are exclusive to Docsumo.

We offer straightforward pay-as-you-go pricing where you will encounter no hidden or additional charges and pay only for the features you will use.

4. Seamless Integration

Docsumo is designed meticulously to integrate with your other software with no hassle, a quality feature that very few offer in the domain of document automation.

Using plug-in APIs as-well-as innovative input and output connectors, the platform can seamlessly get integrated into any workflow.

Other perks offered by Docsumo

While and Docsumo share dozens of features as any other document automation processing software would, Docsumo offers a better UI, sophisticated features, and competitive pricing.

We also provide value for the buck by delivering unprecedented efficiency, saving time, expenditures, and labor to perform manual tasks within minutes.

  • Docsumo takes less than 30 seconds to process a document, which is 50x faster than an average employee performing the same task. This speediness helps reduce the turnaround time from hours to minutes.
  • Using Docsumo as a document automation software can help cut down costs by 70%. This cost cutdown helps direct your budget to the core activities of your organization.
  • With a whopping 98%+ accuracy rate, Docsumo helps reduce manual errors and extract precise data. 

Final Words: Why choose Docsumo?

Docsumo enables better workflow for enterprises and strives to improve data extraction algorithms, render an intuitive UI, seamlessly integrate other platforms, and offer a comprehensive approach to automate document processing.

We also offer a free demo to new clients to demonstrate how they can boost their productivity, process documents quicker, and alleviate operations costs, all while providing extensive customer support to answer all sorts of queries.

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Pankaj Tripathi
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How does Docsumo stack up Against as an Alternative Choice
February 15, 2021
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