A Guide to process Acord 25 and its importance in insurance
June 14, 2022
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What is an Acord 25 form

The Acord 25 form, also referred to as a certificate of insurance (COI), falls under the category of a liability insurance certificate that describes the contractual agreements between the insured clients as-well-as the insurance agencies. 

This document proves that the insured uses the specified insurance type and amount demanded under the insurance policy favored by the insurance company customer.

An Acord 25 compiles information regarding the insurance policy, including coverage types, insurance limits, policy numbers, and effective and expiration dates. 

Importance of Acord 25 in insurance 

The Acord 25 certificate of liability insurance is crucial to stakeholders, as-well-as ranging from the customers to the insurance company itself.

Acord 25 forms comprise checkboxes and pre-printed areas to clarify important insurance details such as IRS forms. 

1. Settling insurance related disputes

This form is necessary because it acts as a legally binding document between the insurance broker as-well-as its clients, making it a legitimate resource when settling disputes concerning insurance coverage. 

The Acord 25 form proves that the coverage is liable for a specified date range, making it crucial to the companies that request coverage.

2. Legal security

Certificates of insurance provide peace of mind and legal security to businesses. If your organization wishes to work with a new vendor or contractor, you should ask them to produce a COI. 

If the vendor fails to respond in time, they are not insured adequately since most insurance agents will provide Acord COIs free of charge. 

3. Elevated chances of successful collaboration 

If you intend to hire or collaborate with another company, ensure that they have their liability insurance coverage by asking them to send an Acord certificate of insurance. 

Providing a standard ACORD certificate swiftly to the collaborating organization establishes that your business is financially liable and fully insured. 

If your business can provide a COI quickly, you will have higher chances of securing a successful collaboration role over an organization that does not provide proof of insurance.

Consequences of not creating and collecting COIs

When damage or loss occurs, and you fail to provide the insurer’s COI, it can take days for the claims representative and legal counsel to settle the claims adjustment process.

This process is not only time-consuming but will also burn through your finances in the form of litigation fees.

If your insurers perform a premium audit and your company holds no evidence that your insurers manage their insurance, your premium insurance cost rises. 

Not having a process or system installed exposes you to millions of dollars in damage claims entered every year.

Reading an Acord 25 insurance certificate

In the top right-hand corner lies the date of production, indicating when the COI got completed. The producer and insured details are other crucial details of the document. This region represents who has coverage from whom.

The most crucial areas listed in the Acord form 25 that requires reviewing are the coverage’s reflected. 

There exist three categories of coverage as mentioned below -                                       

  1. General Liability
  2. Automobile Liability
  3. Excess/Umbrella Liability

These outline the coverage types held by the insured as-well-as the amount of wealth insured for each coverage.

The certificate holder presents data on who gets additionally covered by the insurance, which is the Additional Insured and displayed in the insurance coverage declaration.

Benefits of Acord 25 certificates

The standardization that goes into Acord form 25 is remarkably precise, which is why they enhance efficiency and accuracy between carriers and business partners.

They are also available in several formats, so whether you choose printable documents, PDFs, or e-forms, you can find Acord forms in all of them.

When compiling data from clients, Acord 25 insurance forms let you get the same, standardized forms from each client, minimizing confusion for everyone involved.

Automation of Acord 25 Certificate of Insurance

Office workers are acquainted with the number of tasks linked to document recognition and data extraction done on a daily basis. 

To speed up processes and enhance productivity, you need automation to process relevant information from several Acord 25 form types.

Such automation software can scan various form types such as printed or scanned documents, PDFs, images, and many more and feed it into the destination database. 

Docsumo is a data capture solution that can help you automate data extraction and processing with unprecedented efficiency. If you are a company with a long list of scanned Acord 25 forms to cater to, you need to transfer all the information from these forms into the final MS Excel spreadsheet or other data processing software for further execution. 

While it takes about hours for a manager to transfer information from Acord 25 forms into the destination manually, Docsumo executes this task in minutes and with unparalleled accuracy.

Instead of doing manual data entry, your employees can focus on other assignments, arrange for meetings, deal with clients, and perform other core tasks. Not only does Docsumo reduce time wastage, but it also executes the task of reading and filling information with no errors or any glitches.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free demo with us and find out if Docsumo is the right choice!

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A Guide to process Acord 25 and its importance in insurance
December 29, 2020
5 min
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