How good Docsumo is as an alternative to Abbyy Flexicapture
September 26, 2021
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Trained against thousands of invoices, Abbyy Flexicapture is definitely one of the best invoice process automation solutions. It is definitely a must-have name in your consideration list for data capture and data entry automation tools. But before you come to a conclusion, let us help you expand this list. 

In this article, we’ll compare Docsumo’s automated invoice capture solution with Abby Flexicapture and see how Docsumo can be a good alternative to it. 

Where Flexicapture fairs?

Abbyy flexicapture is designed for big enterprise customers that comes packed with different deployment options, multi-channel input, and straight through processing. The sheer amount of features that Flexicapture has to offer makes it best in the business. For example, Flexicapture’s OCR engine can detect handwritten text in documents, something not a lot of data capture solutions do. 

So how does Docsumo stack up to this? Is Docsumo comparable to Flexicapture in services it provides? And, does Docsumo have anything extra to offer? Let’s figure it out. 

Is Docsumo an alternative to Flexicapture? 

Flexicapture comes loaded with tons and tons of features, some of which are non-essential and you might rarely have to use them. But you end up paying for those services, whether you actually need them or not. So, it’s easy to go by the features and reputation Flexicapture has, but comparing on the basis of essential process automation software features, Docsumo comes across as a very good alternative to Flexicapture. 

1. Multiple Learning Mechanism

For most documents, Docsumo uses one shot technology but there’s more to it. For accurate and reliable data extraction, Docsumo employs deep learning and rule based learning mechanisms as well. These mechanisms ensure that your invoice is successfully scanned and data is extracted without any error in real-time.

Data capture learning mechanisms


2. Custom Training

Docsumo comes trained with several invoice layout but that’s no limit to the solution. Even if you come across an invoice that the system has not been trained against, you can easily ‘edit’ and customize for additional fields. This is possible because of the learning mechanisms we employ and the core algorithms we use in our system for data extraction and processing. 

Document custom training
Edit Fields
create document type
Create New Document Type

3. Auto Document Classification

Docsumo’s customization ability is not only limited to training it for an additional field in a document. With Docsumo, you can even create a new document by editing and defining its fields and train it for an entirely new layout. This can be replicated for similar other document types. 

It gets better. Once the system is trained for a new document type, you can enjoy the document auto-classification for the new type as well. Next time, when you batch upload the documents, each document will be categorized for its respective type(including the newly trained types). 

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4. Process Management

With auto-classification, Docsumo simplifies the batch document processing, but with auto-assign feature it takes it a step further. Docsumo lets you assign specific document types to respective team members. That means you can make sure that your accounts team gets all the invoices and bills and your HR team gets all the policy documents and applications. 

5. Analytics

Docsumo helps you analyze the extracted data in addition to document processing with. Documo’s API lets you apply calculation rules on extracted data sets, derive calculated attributes, and visualize and helps you make better business decisions.

What Docsumo does better? 

Docsumo comes neck to neck in terms of essential process automation software features but is there anything we do better than Flexicapture? Glad, you ask!

Being a small team of smart data scientists, we make quicker decisions as compared to companies like Abbyy. We give our attention to such smaller details that are often overlooked and we try to make it as convenient and easy as possible for you:- 

1. Intuitive UI

Docsumo’s UI is the real catch. It’s so intuitive and easy to use that it doesn’t take long to move from any data extraction software to Docsumo. Although, we have produced documentation on its usage and we have a YouTube channel to help use our product, often one demo call with us is sufficient. Even non-technical users can use it easily without having to write any code or script ever.

Docsumo UI
2. Core Algorithms

Data capture algorithms that Docsumo use are one of the best in the industry. Coupled with multiple learning mechanisms, algorithms ensure the maximum accuracy and quick turnaround time.

3. Transparent Pricing

Docsumo comes with simple pay-as-you go pricing. There are no hidden or additional charges. You pay for what you use. Docsumo’s pricing is most competitive in the industry 

Finally, why should you choose Docsumo? 

At Docsumo, our goal is to enable better workflow for enterprises. In doing so, we strive to improve data extraction algorithms, provide smoother and intuitive UI, take advantage of better integrations, and offer a holistic approach to automate document processing. We care about their problems and endeavour to improve the approach towards solving them and that’s what our clients love about us.

So, what are you waiting for! Let’s schedule a quick free demo today and let’s find out if Docsumo is the right choice!

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Rushabh Sheth
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How good Docsumo is as an alternative to Abbyy Flexicapture
December 24, 2020
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