The story behind Docsumo

Who are we and why Docsumo?

We are founders and data scientists with deep expertise building neural networks for large corporations.

In our previous startup, we did accounting manually for a long time. We wasted days entering data on Quickbooks & Xero and reconciling bank statement with invoices.

We tried different solutions in the market but nothing worked.

So we set out to solve the problem ourselves. Docsumo was born out of that desire to free founders, COOs, accountants and purchasing managers from manual data entry.

And we are just getting started! Why stop at invoices when you can help people process purchase orders, work orders, delivery notes, applications and contracts.

What do we work on?

  • High Accuracy

    Software Engineering

    We invest heavily in making our software top notch so that it able to process millions of documents. Our team is passionate about building products that customers love. Docsumo uses advanced techniques so that it is able to detect text from documents in different languages, page rotation and clarity.

  • High Accuracy

    Neural Network Research

    Docsumo builds proprietary deep learning algorithms that leverage the latest developments in AI to exctract data from documents. We have built a core engine that not only excels at OCR, but also captures spatial data from documents and learns about words and their meaning from documents. This is what makes our technology work.

  • High Accuracy

    Great Customer Support

    We realize that every customer has unique needs and that technology is only one part of a complete solution. We strive everyday to put customers are at the heart of what we do. That means being there for our customers (you) when they need us and building things that make their lives better. We are always a call or email away.