Financial Spreading

Streamline risk assessment and credit decisioning with Docsumo’s smart financial spreading automation

Improve efficiency of your risk assessment process with 100% accurate data extraction. Accelerate credits review & reduce the time taken to update a model with Docsumo’s fast and accurate intelligent document processing solution.

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Financial Spreading

Challenges with Financial Spreading

It is difficult to ensure 100% accuracy while processing dozens of non-standard financial documents manually that causes inconsistency. This inconsistent financial spreading results in delayed loan approvals & lower productivity rate that means unsatisfied customers.

Semi-automated solutions like template-based OCR also falls short when it comes to adapting to these variations. These limitations are overcome by Docsumo's AI-based intelligent data extraction comes that offers end-to-end workflow automation ensuring impeccable accuracy.


Get client-specific custom account details and calculate custom ratios. Smart validation rules to enable 100% data accuracy.

Get client-specific custom account details and calculate custom ratios. Smart validation rules to enable 100% data accuracy.
Standard fields that are extracted

You can easily add, delete and move any field.

Balance Sheet




Form 1120

Employer's Details

Investment Income

Investment Expense

Credit Details

Form W2

Employer's Details

Tax Details

Tax Perks & Benefits

Income Statement





Rent Roll

Property Details

Unit Details

Security & Lease Details

Why Docsumo?

Reduce manual errors and get precise data
< 30 sec
Processing Time
Reduce turnaround time from hours to minutes.
Cost Reduction
Halve your cost of operations when processing 50k+ statements/month.

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Automate financial spreading with Docsumo

Process Multiple File Types
Process Multiple File Types

Accurate data extraction from multiple documents such as financial statements & tax returns, in multiple file formats.

Calculate Ratio
Calculate Ratio

Calculate financial ratios and project future financials in the output.

Get Table Data
Get Table Data

Docsumo's table extraction accuracy is amongst the best in the industry. Extract financial data arranged in table(line-item) form. Multipage, nested tables we handle it all.

Standardize Data
Standardize Data

Standardize data and intelligently map line items from source documents to spreading templates.

Advanced Post-processing
Advanced Post-processing

Annualize across non-annual reporting periods with smart post-processing rules.

Integrate with API or Webhooks
Integrate with API or Webhooks

Docsumo makes it very simple to send extracted data to any other software with APIs & webhooks out of the box.

Smart Filters
Smart Filters

Apply filters for dates, numbers and other regular expressions to extract data in desired format.

Easily Download Data
Easily Download Data

Docsumo converts PDF to CSV, Excel, JSON and XML files formats. You can download extracted data for any date range in the format you like.

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