Is Docsumo a Good Alternative to Infrrd
September 14, 2021
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Businesses have to deal with a lot of structured as well as unstructured documents. Invoices, Account Statements, Salary Slips, Income Tax Forms, Identity Proofs, and many other complex documents are generated daily. Businesses, often, employ a team of data entry operators to process each document and extract key details manually. But this process is cumbersome, lends itself to human error, and is not scalable at all.

A better way to capture data is OCR (Optical Character Recognition), whereby documents are scanned character-wise, and the information is transferred to your backend. The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies has given rise to an advanced form of OCR known as Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), which can handle any type of document, regardless of its layout.

In this article, we’ll compare two popular IDP services - Docsumo and Infrrd. Let us first look at the things they have in common:-

What Docsumo and Infrrd have in common?

1. High Data Accuracy

The smallest mistake - typo, field mismatch, and invalid entries - that creep into the system can snowball into something catastrophic for the business. You might end up spending countless hours rectifying it, hours that you could have allocated for more urgent and high-priority tasks. Both Docsumo and Infrrd come with high data accuracy guarantees that ensure even the noisiest documents are parsed with little or no errors.

2. No Installation Required

Gone are the days when you needed a system integrator to install, maintain, and troubleshoot issues in your business software. Docsumo is a cloud-native SaaS application that comes with a free trial (you get 100 credits) to test and become familiar with all the features. It has a friendly, self-serve interface and is easy to set up. Infrrd is available both as a cloud-based solution as well as on-premise. Both come with a free demo, which you can utilise to get familiar with the functionality and ascertain whether it meets your requirements. Both are built with the enterprise in mind.

3. Multiple Learning Methods

Most documents can be read using standard IDP technologies, but Docsumo and Infrrd go above and beyond if you come across complex documents.

Multiple learning methods

Docsumo uses one-shot technology (auto template matching) for common documents. But it also comes packed with Deep Learning (object detection, NLP) and Rule-based Learning (regular expressions, keyword lookup) techniques for more powerful and dependable data extraction. Infrrd leverages five robust AI technologies (Computer Vision, NLP, ML, Neural Networks, OCR) to break down any document into useful chunks of data passed downstream.

4. One-Stop Solution

Both Docsumo and Infrrd are template-independent and work with all types of documents. Docsumo gives you the flexibility to automate accounts payable, CRE underwriting, logistics documents, financial statements, and more. Infrrd seamlessly processes complex tabular data, graphs and diagrams, unstructured invoices, multiple languages, and more. All your document processing headaches get solved under one roof.

What sets Docsumo apart

1. Third-Party Integrations


No SaaS service should operate in silos. And neither do we. Docsumo comes with plug-in APIs and various input/output connectors to integrate with any of your existing workflows. Docsumo is easily integratable with Salesforce, Zapier, Google Drive, Dropbox, Xero, Quickbooks Online Advanced, and other third-party apps, saving you valuable time and boosting your productivity. Say goodbye to the tedious process of manual data transfer between applications.

2. Pricing

Docsumo operates on a simple and clean pay-as-you-go model whereby you are charged based on your document volume requirements. There are no hidden costs or sneaky usage policies. You get a no-strings-attached free trial in which you can explore all the features end-to-end and experience the service in full-glory. Infrrd doesn’t offer a straightforward, out-of-the-box free trial as such, instead urging you to discuss your requirements with their consultants and fixing on a price right out of the gate.

3. Intuitive UI/UX

Every Docsumo experience is crafted with the end-user in mind. We have eliminated all friction points in the product, making it easier for a layperson to use. We’ve made it a breeze for non-technical folks by removing the need to write any line of code. And even if you do hit a snag, we have a vast and rich library of documentation, blogs, FAQs, and a YouTube channel where you can get answers to most questions. Still, facing issues? Don’t worry, and our top-notch support team will guide you till your issue is resolved.

Finally, is Docsumo a good alternative to Infrrd?

So, which service should you go for? Well, it depends on your specific use-case and business requirements. The lack of a free trial and paying a mandatory upfront cost for Infrrd might be a barrier for some. So we recommend you give the Docsumo free trial a shot and make the most of it. Book a free demo today and experience document processing nirvana!

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Pankaj Tripathi
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Is Docsumo a Good Alternative to Infrrd
March 19, 2021
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